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While anyone thinks of Kanyakumari, it reminds about the spectacular and colorful assimilation point of three water bodies- the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. It is considered to be the southernmost end point of India, located in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is enriched with spectacular natural resources along with several colossal memorials, sacred temples, and majestic forts and palaces. Over the years, it has become a favorite holiday as well as pilgrimage destination to the visitors for its sacred temples, serene beaches, majestic mountains, pristine rivers with paddy fields and colorful coastlines’ Kanyakumari witnesses alluring and picturesque palaces and forts

Where in Kanyakumari the hotels place the major role among the visitors. Where many of the tourist book there Hotels in Kanyakumari near the beach, because of to view the sunrise and sunset where Hotel Temple Citi is the best hotel provides the best service at an affordable price

Kanyakumari is one of the most stunning places not only in south India but has become a preferred tourists spot in entire India. There are many hotels at Kanyakumari One’s Kanyakumari trip is half-finished if not visited these alluring forts and majestic palaces. The architecture of these forts and palaces epitomizes strong culture and tradition of Kerala, mixed with the heritage, customs, and culture with Tamil Nadu.

Travel to Kanyakumari- A great Experience

Kanyakumari is the best tourist spot, where you can enjoy the Natural Sceneries along with the Tri- Sangamam of Oceans. There are also many spots to view in kanyakumari like:

  • Thiruvalluvar statue: The Thiruvalluvar memorial statue is located in Kanyakumari. The pedestal of this statue is of 38 feet height and covers over 95 feet tall with a grand of total 133 feet for the entire sculpture.
  • Sunrise and sunset in Kanyakumari:  One can see the Sunrise throughout the year in Kanniyakumari at Bay of Bengal. But, Sunset can be seen from View Tower except the months of June, July and August.
  • Vivekananda Rock Memorial: The renowned Vivekananda Memorial is another place in Kanyakumari that attracts a large number of tourists. The rock has been regarded as sacred place from the ancient times.
  • Mahatma Gandhi Memorial: The beautiful Gandhi Memorial was completed in the year 1956, and is situated as the memorial to the Father of the Nation.

Travel to Kanyakumari:

Many Buses and Trains are frequently available from Thiruvananthapuram, the closest transport hub. Long distance buses are also available from Chennai,  Madurai Coimbatore, and Bangalore etc.

There are also many Hotels at Kanyakumari like Hotel temple Citi for the tourists to have a comfortable stay.

Have a delightful stay at kanyakumari

Kanyakumari is the place where the land ends, it is the spot for massive Indian sub-continents and it gently gives the way to blue seas. It has three mighty sees, the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean that meets altogether. Kanyakumari is spectacularly a beautiful place for tourism. It holds the magnificence of the sun set over the golden sands of its beaches where it could be an unforgettable sight for the tourists.

Planning a trip in kanyakumari is very easy as there are plenty of trains and buses available. You can also fly into Trivandrum International Airport and drive through the seashore here. You can plan an overnight or the weekend stay in kanyakumari as there are many Hotels at Kanyakumari that are available for you to explore.

However if you are planning for the  budget stay in kanyakumari you could get the luxurious ambience then you will definitely find the best option as Hotel Temple Citi, the best 3 star Hotel in kanyakumari.

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The Mesmerizing Beauty of Kanyakumari

If you are planning for the comfortable stay and a great holiday, then Kanyakumari is the best option for you. You can enjoy the different holiday here with a comfortable stay in the Hotels in Kanyakumari with tariffKanyakumari is most popular for its hills, beaches and rivers that attract lot of tourists. This city got lot of religious importance and possesses most beautiful temples of Southern part of India.

Tourists visit the place of Kanyakumari mainly to witness the sunrise and sunset. Thus, they try to find some accommodations that are located very close to sunset & sunrise points. There are a numerous Budget hotels in Kanyakumari. Of those, Hotel Temple Citi is the best hotel in kanyakumari which is equipped with all the basic amenities and the tourists can assure their comfortable stay here.

You can also research about Hotel Temple Citi in kanyakumari, who deliver the services that they promise. You can also get idea from the reviews of the hotel whether it is good to stay with family and friends.

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Best Hotel in Kanyakumari

Being situated in the southernmost tip of the country, Kanyakumari holds an enigma of its own. The hotels in Kanyakumari offer an excellent accommodation and relief. Most of the hotels in this city are sea facing and provides splendid views of the popular sunrise and sunset. These hotels provide premium services along with the world class amenities.

You can plan your private suite in Hotel Temple Citi, where you can enjoy the private plunge pools. The hotel offers the finest cuisines of Kanyakumari. The Hotels in Kanyakumari with tariff are ideal for hosting big corporate events. Their exceptional services will surely win the hearts of the domestic and international travellers. This hotel is elegant from others especially for its interiors.

Kanyakumari is the unique location which invites the adventure seekers and pilgrims alike. Staying in Hotel temple Citi is the wonderful holiday idea, where people can enjoy staying. Here one can relish the spectacular view of the surroundings by enjoying the south and north Indian food.

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Boat jetty in Kanyakumari is very famous. This boat jetty connects the important tourist destination in Kanyakumari. Both Vivekananda memorial and Thiruvalluvar statues have no passage between them, so the only connection between them and the land is the boats. Many local people depend on these boats to make a living.

Once you have entered the town of Kanyakumari there are many places to visit. So book Hotels in Kanyakumari with tariff to stay. Most people who come to Kanyakumari will definitely go to the Vivekananda memorial and Thiruvalluvar Statue. So practically you will use the boats to reach there.

Before boarding the boat make sure your luggage is safe. Boatmen will give you life jackets wear it before starting to sail. If you have children with keeping them close, they fall into the water. After reaching the island the boatmen will collect your jackets.

The boats will wait for you until your return. You can wear your jackets and board your boat like before. These boats will not charge you more the town have a fixed price for each boat. And also it very safe coastguards will be on patrol you need not worry about anything.


Tourism normally means site seeing, but what is food tourism?  The concept of traveling to taste food is increasing day by day. By definition food, tourism means traveling to a new destination to taste different varieties of food. Food tourists are those who travel abroad or within their country for the sole purpose of tasting different foods. India too has such food tourist.

There is no limit to the variety of food available in India. But the food tourists mostly prefer south India as their destination, because south India has one best spicy food in the world. Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu is one of those food tourist sites where you can enjoy Chettinadu variety of foods by staying at Hotels in Kanyakumari near beach.

You need not always travel to another country or state to do food tourism. If you travel to a new neighborhood to eat out or try out special restaurant then you are food traveler. Today economic condition of middle-class people is increasing, so it is natural for more people to try out new things. Food tourism is one of those things we all must give a try in our lifetime.


For any developing country, increasing their economic condition is very important. The tourism sector in India plays a vital role in bring money to our government. Unlike the other sectors, tourism does not need a huge investment or workforce to operate. Luckily India is blessed with a lot of tourist destination. One can visit the beaches, mysterious temples, hill stations that will give you a mesmerizing experience.

There are mainly two types of tourism happening in our country, one is inter-state tourism and the other is cross-country tourism. If more foreigners are spending money in India it will increase the revenue of the country. Tourism not only brings money but also provides job opportunities for many locals.  locals in a tourist location can work as a guide to earn money and also many small business are benefiting from the tourists who are buying stuffs from them. If you are a tourist and planning to visit kanyakumari then Hotels in Kanyakumari near beach is the best one for your accommodation.

Tourism also helps to build a good image of our country in the world arena. If a foreigner visits our metropolitan cities he will understand that the poor image Medias showing about India is not true. Attracting more tourism can be done only by the efforts of the government. Many states in India are giving advertise on online and TVs to attract more tourist to their state.

The Guide for a Safe travel in India when you have a vacation next time

Travel within India calls for measures of patient and assent. The natural harmony of the country land and the hospitality of its people is the essence that legends are made of. India is as a secure country for a tourist as any another, given you follow general sense to guarantee your own safety and follow some general Indian travel tips.

India is a country of extremes – the natural beauty of the country differs with the hideousness of its poverty, high rise skyscrapers cuddle cheek by mandible with crowded shanties and the light of the vast majority of its people surrenders its crime statistics into visible relief.

India is secure for travel for an individual traveller, given he or she comes with a prepared checklist of travel, stops and halts. It is recommended to book hotel rooms along the projected route in advancement, as commercial travel accommodation can be average at best, as regards protection, sanitation and amenities.

when you go to a place like Kanyakumari choose one of the hotels in Kanyakumari near beach as all the major attractions are offshore or near the beach area.

When in India, plan to be deceived by self-appointed tourist guides and vendors – all of whom participate the view that tourists are here to be fleeced. To a degree, that acceptable, rely on a good guide and ignore any proposals by a tour guide to give you the best potential views or history of a tourist spot. You also must learn to say “No” strongly to the crowds of vendors selling everything from fruits to China-made souvenirs at tourist places.

When vacationing in India, keep your papers and the bulk of your cash and traveller’s cheques in a separate bag worn next to your surface under your outer garments.

Keep no more than 15-20 dollars in equivalent Indian currency in a readily convenient pocket.
Do not wear any ornaments or fancy wrist watches as this could make you an easy mark for thieves.
Avoid wandering in isolated areas after evening time.
When touring by car, rely on pre-booked tourist vehicles and avoid getting lifts.

vacationing in a group is better compared to touring alone, particularly for women.
Tip the bell boy or waiter nothing extra than 15-20 Indian rupees.
As a foreigner, you may also receive suggestions to exchange your money for rupees at the black exchange rate – avoid these proposals like plague.

If you get a chance to visit India go to places like Kanyakumari or any other hill station to witness the beauty of this amazing country. Have a safe and happy journey!

Plan a one day Historical Trip to Pechiparai dam and visit udyagiri fort on the way

Pechiparai Reservoir:

The Reservoir is located 43 kilometres from the city of Nagercoil, closer to the village of Pechiparai in Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, India.

The reservoir was formed by the development of the Pechiparai Dam, which was built across the Kodayar River about 1.6 km below the convergence of the Kallar, Chittar and Kuttiyar rivers. It was built in the period 1897 – 1906 during the European settlement in Kanyakumari an engineer named, Mr Minchin,(called as mookanthurai by the local town people) during the rule of the Travancore Maharaja Moolam Thirunal.

The primary cost of construction of the dam was 216.1 Lakhs Indian Rupees in the late 19th century. The catchment section of the reservoir is 207.19 km2, and the depth is 48.0 ft. The dam is a direct gravity type workmanship dam 1,396 ft long and 396 ft high above the lowest foundation. There is no inquiry gallery.

Water passing through the gate of Pechiparai dam:

The water from the reservoir is used for both irrigations of crops and for drinking as well, which has led to a disagreement between farmers who want to use all the water for their crops, and local governments, who don’t have a different place as a source of drinking water from, for supply to the municipal areas. The dam is enclosed by hills of the Western Ghats. and makes a great viewing point.

Udayagiri Fort:

The fort is composed of huge granite blocks encompassing a hidden hill.

The graves of the Dutch Admiral Eustachius De Lannoy, and of his wife and son can still be found inside a partly ruined chapel in the fort. in whose praise the fort was once called Dillanai Kottai perse- De Lennoy’s Fort.

Within the fort and a chapel was built where the admiral was buried. De Lannoy’s tombstone lies inside the walls of the wrecked chapel. The engravings on his stone are both in Tamil and in Latin. His wife and his son were buried along with his side.

Latterly, officials of the Department of Archaeology found a hidden tunnel within the fort.

Shortly, the fort has been transformed into a bio-diversity park by the Tamil Nadu forest department, with places of historical significance, such as De Lannoy’s tomb, continuing as protected archaeological sites supported by the Archaeological Department of India

These two historical monuments of the European period adds a great deal of value to the deal of value to Kanyakumari. the pechiparai dam is an hour and a half travel where you can visit the udyagiri fort which is on the same route. and make a day of it when you choose to stay at the hotels in Kanyakumari near beach or any other hotels in Kanyakumari