Make your best holiday memories in kanyakumari

“Limitless and immortal, the water is the beginning and end of all things that appear on the Earth”

There are no better ideas as spending your beautiful, relaxing and better vacation by making memories of long summer days at the magical shores of kanyakumari.  The beach helps you to recharge and to get all in one beautiful place.

Kanyakumari is so called as ‘the virgin beauty’ by the great Mahatma Gandhi; Kanyakumari is conferred with the breathtaking beauty of nature. Surrounded by the pristine rivers, majestic hills, paddy fields and  tall coconut trees, the tourists will get a feel that they are soaking their souls in the paradise on Earth.

So, if you are striking the road to explore the astonishing oceans in the Southernmost Tip of the country, make sure that you book your stay at Hotel temple Citi, the finest Hotel in Kanyakumari  to experience the tranquility of cherishing your holidays in kanyakumari.

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Tourist attractions in Kanyakumari

The sole feature of Kanyakumari is the convention of The Arabian Sea, The Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal. The major activity of kanyakumari is Tourism. Some most popular tourist attractions sports in kanyakumari are:

The Vivekananda Rock Memorial:

It was built in 1970 and it gained the enlightenment due to meditation practiced by Swami Vivekananda. This memorial was specially constructed to honor the values of this great philosopher. The statue of Swami Vivekananda is 133 feet tall.

The Gandhi memorial:

This monument was built as the tribute of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of nation. It was built in a traditional style for honoring great Mahatma Gandhi, and his ashes were also kept here. The sole feature of this monument is that, every year on the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi that is on 2nd October, the initial rays of the sun will fall directly upon his ashes.

Sunrise and Sunset:

The Sunrise and Sunset are the worth experience in kanyakumari especially on the full-moon days.  On these days all the Hotel in Kanyakumari are completely booked to view the eccentric view of the sun.

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The Mesmerizing Beauty of Kanyakumari

If you are planning for the comfortable stay and a great holiday, then Kanyakumari is the best option for you. You can enjoy the different holiday here with a comfortable stay in the Hotels in Kanyakumari with tariffKanyakumari is most popular for its hills, beaches and rivers that attract lot of tourists. This city got lot of religious importance and possesses most beautiful temples of Southern part of India.

Tourists visit the place of Kanyakumari mainly to witness the sunrise and sunset. Thus, they try to find some accommodations that are located very close to sunset & sunrise points. There are a numerous Budget hotels in Kanyakumari. Of those, Hotel Temple Citi is the best hotel in kanyakumari which is equipped with all the basic amenities and the tourists can assure their comfortable stay here.

You can also research about Hotel Temple Citi in kanyakumari, who deliver the services that they promise. You can also get idea from the reviews of the hotel whether it is good to stay with family and friends.

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Luxury Hotels in Kanyakumari near beach

Kanyakumari is the ideal tourist destination located on the bang of the point where the three masses of sea meets together. Tourists flock to the city of kanyakumari all around the world and that of the country. For this sole reason there are many Hotels at Kanyakumari region which are fully booked during the peak months. Therefore it is advisable to book your tickets in advance when you are opting your trip for Kanyakumari. Because, this could help you in long run and aid you to avoid lack of accommodation.

While opting for accommodation in the city of kanyakumari, there is lot of options available; Of those preferring Hotel Temple Citi is the best choice as this is one of the best Hotels in Kanyakumari near beach. We are one of the Budget Hotels in kanyakumari who will concern your value of money.

We are also one of the 3 star hotels in Kanyakumari fulfilling the wishes of those who need a luxury hotel and resort. Our services are excellent and at the top notch in providing the best food and accommodation.


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Hotels an affordable Place to stay with

Kanyakumari a seaside town is much pretty and indescribable. The Significance of its location adds to its allure. Kanyakumari is situated in India’s southernmost tip which is the meeting place of the Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea. It is the best spot where Swami Vivekananda meditated.  In combination with the beautiful stretch of the beach you can pretty well understand the reason for why a lakh of tourist are visiting kanyakumari annually.

Kanyakumari is also known for its pilgrim destination.  There are several Hotels at Kanyakumari that make you to stay very pleasant.

However based on your tight budget there are many Budget hotels in Kanyakumari that provides the excellent value of money.  Here you can get a decent and affordable accommodation in Hotel temple Citi the best Hotel in kanyakumari.

Our hotel is seamlessly neat and has a very impressive look. We provide the decent-sized rooms and help you to get the spectacular view of sunrise and sunset at kanyakumari. In addition to that our rooms are adequately furnished and all our amenities will make you stay in a wonderful one.


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A Trip to Padmanabapuram palace with regal heritage

To the northwest of knayakumari  about an hour distance the  most popular town of Padmanabhapuram is situated. It is the famous day trip with the regal heritage. It was the capital of the princely state of Travancore in 1795. Now it was relocated to Trivandrum (now the capital of kerala). The main attraction of kanyakumari is the Padmanabhapuram palace  which back dated to 1600.  This place is specially made with largest wooden works in Asia. It is admired for its architecture and craftsmanship. This place has a significant attraction for its woodwork on the walls and the ceilings. The place is spread over more than six acres inside the fort. This place also has the museum.

There is also a famous temple called Thanumalayan Temple in Suchindram which is situated on the way of  Padmanabhapuram Palace. It is one of the rare temples in India where Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma are worshiped as a trinity. There are many Hotel Booking in Kanyakumari especially near this place for the worship of these two places.

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Kanyakumari the renowned place for Spiritual Significance

Kanyakumari is also called as Cape Comorin during the period of British rule of India. It is a small coastal town in the state of Tamil Nadu near the Kerala border.  It’s renowned for being situated in the southernmost point of India. It is located in the place where the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal all meet together. However, the town has much special spiritual significance. It is regarded as the home place for virgin Goddess Kanya Kumari, and as an incarnation for the divine Mother Goddess Parvati.

Goddess Kanya Kumari is believed to have done the penance there in order to make Lord Shiva to marry her. Hence, the town is the most popular pilgrim destination for all devotees who come to take bathe in this holy salt water.  Many tourists visit this place to make offerings at its temple.  Kanyakumari also holds some top things including the offbeat side trips.

There are many Hotels at Kanyakumari near these pilgrims which will help the tourists to reach the gratification of their destination.

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