Eye-catching Palaces of Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari is the most stunning place not only in the part of south India but also become the most preferred tourists spot in the entire India.  The Kanyakumari trip is half-finished with these alluring forts and majestic palaces. The architecture of these forts and palaces epitomize the strong culture and tradition of Kerala that is being mixed with the customs, heritage, and culture of Tamil Nadu. As a whole Kanyakumari is the perfect destination to the visitors for its mixed culture which is reflected in the arts, crafts, monuments, edifices, temples, forts, churches, and even in food.

Padmanabhapuram Palace:

The Padmanabhapuram palace is build inside the padmanabhapuram fort and located in the foot of Velli Hills boasted by the Velli River. It is being built in 1601 AD by the Ravi Varma Kulasekhara Perumal. It represents the Kerala style of architecture. The tourists get astonished and delighted while seeing this palace. There are many Hotel Booking in Kanyakumari near the padmanabhapuram palace which helps the tourists to stay well and view the beauty of Kanyakumari.

Thai Kottaram- The Queen Mother’s Palace:

This palace is built based on the Kerala traditions and style. It consists of the inner courtyard called “nalukettu” with the sloping roofs and has 4 pillars made up of jackfruit wood supporting the roof.

Southern Palace:

It is just like the museum where many antique households’ arts and crafts and many decorative works are exhibited which represent the culture.

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Vattakottai Fort the famous tourist spot in Kanyakumari

While anyone think about kanyakumari it reminds the colorful and spectacular assimilation part of three bodies such as, the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal, and the Arabian Sea. It is considered to be the southernmost tip of India located in the state of Tamil Nadu. Kanyakumari is enriched with the spectacular resources along with the several memorials, majestic forts and palaces and many sacred temples. Over it has become the favorite place for pilgrimage destination for the visitors for its sacred temples, majestic mountains, pristine rivers and colorful costliness. Kanyakumari is the place that witness the alluring and picturesque and forts. There are many Hotels at Kanyakumari that makes the tourists to feel at home.

Vattakottai Fort is located in Agasteeswaram Taluk which is approximately 7 km from the district of kanyakumari. The fort lies on the shore of tranquil beaches with the black sand covered by lush green landscapes and the small rivers. It has become one of the popular destinations for tourist in Kanyakumari.  There is also a 4 feet tunnel which is used to connect the Padmanabhapuram palace.

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3Star hotels in Kanyakumari – The Great services and facilities offered

Kanyakumari is the popular destination for both domestic and international tourists. The seaside town is situated in the southernmost tip of the Indian subcontinent. Many visitors stay here overnight to catch the spectacular view of both sunrise and sunset.

Accommodation is not an issue here as there are plenty of hotels in Kanyakumari.  If you need a place with excellent amenities and services you can check for some three star hotels here. These hotels are comparable to the best and can provide the wide range of facilities to make you extremely comfortable. One of the best 3 star Hotel in Kanyakumari is Hotel Temple Citi, which provides exceptional services to the customers. The main advantage of this hotel is it is closely associated with the famous temples of Kanyakumari.  It is more conveniently located next to the bus stop and railway station. As it is located in the center of the City it prefers the tourists to stay close to the town. It helps the tourists to stay comfortable and offer all the facilities available.






Best Hotel in Kanyakumari

Being situated in the southernmost tip of the country, Kanyakumari holds an enigma of its own. The hotels in Kanyakumari offer an excellent accommodation and relief. Most of the hotels in this city are sea facing and provides splendid views of the popular sunrise and sunset. These hotels provide premium services along with the world class amenities.

You can plan your private suite in Hotel Temple Citi, where you can enjoy the private plunge pools. The hotel offers the finest cuisines of Kanyakumari. The Hotels in Kanyakumari with tariff are ideal for hosting big corporate events. Their exceptional services will surely win the hearts of the domestic and international travellers. This hotel is elegant from others especially for its interiors.

Kanyakumari is the unique location which invites the adventure seekers and pilgrims alike. Staying in Hotel temple Citi is the wonderful holiday idea, where people can enjoy staying. Here one can relish the spectacular view of the surroundings by enjoying the south and north Indian food.

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Allurements of Kanyakumari

Some of the chief allurements of Kanyakumari are,


The fantastic Sangmam, that gets together from the most important bodies of water.

Vivekananda Rock:

Kanyakumari is celebrated for its Vivekananda rock, a massive stone that is mounted on the sea on which Swami Vivekananda prayed and meditated. Now, it is the memorial that is dedicated to Swami Vivekananda. Kanyakumari is the most admired place for Swami Vivekananda supporters. It consists of many Bengali’s.  Kanyakumari also possess some Bengali’s restaurants. and many Hotel in Kanyakumari provides a special accommodations for Bengali’s too.

Thanumalayan Temple:

Suchindram is the pilgrim town in the district of Kanyakumari which is the home town for the famous Thanumalayan Temple. It is the perfect example of artistic skills and it houses the beautiful 18 feet statue of Lord Hanuman. Religious travellers no need to worry about the accommodation in these districts, as there are  number of best residencies and Budget hotels in Kanyakumari. For those who like to live in luxury and comfort the Hotel temple citi is the most convenient choice

Kanyakumari – The best view for aching eyes

Kanyakumari is the most significant pilgrim center that is placed at the southernmost angle of India. It is located in the point where the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea congregate. Kanyakumari is renowned for its eccentric sunrises and sunsets especially on full moon days.

A best view for aching Eyes:

The sea will be moderately violent so it is amusing to stare at it and see the waves touching the rocks. You can see the wide collection of shells on sale on the Kanyakumari seaside. The seashore of Kanyakumari has the gorgeous sight with the many colored sand. It has the rocky and hazardous coast with the artificial wall constructed all along that. There is a lighthouse from where one can get an attractive and alluring view. It will be a nice decision to book   Hotels in Kanyakumari near beach so that you can enjoy the seashore, sunrises and sunsets peacefully.

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Temple Citi – An Authentic Place to board in Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari, a place in the southernmost tip of India known as a coastal region where all must visit at least once in their lifetime to enjoy the nature’s hands. To make such trip remarkable enjoy the stay in Temple Citi which is located in just opposite to the seashore where the amalgamation of Bay of Bengal, Arabian sea and Indian Ocean gives a visual treat to the viewers. From the terrace it gives a chance to look and feel the beauty of valluvar statue and Gandhi mandapam.

Temple Citi is one of the luxurious hotels in Kanyakumari offers the amazing services at best price. To make your journey easier, hotel helps with the travelling facilities for guests. To find such excellent hotel with the extraordinary services is unusual. Hotel provides the quality Room service, 24*7 Water services, Car parking facilities, AC rooms, and hygienic Veg & Non Veg restaurant.

Bringing it all together

To find the budget hotels in Kanyakumari with world- class ambience is not an easier thing, Grab an opportunity by booking your room in Temple Citi and have the pleasant journey with your loved ones.